Hello and welcome to my new website and blog

I've been neglecting my website for some time as I've been selling my beads through Etsy and Facebook. Then Etsy came up with this new website hosting which merges the stock control for your shop and website and it seemed like a good opportunity to get going again. I really like the way it looks. Hope you do too. 

I will have to make a real effort to keep up with this blog. Hopefully I will have lots of exciting news this year. I'm hoping to get my house on the market once I've done a few jobs so that I can move down to Cornwall near my sister and her lovely children.

Facebook showcase

If you use Facebook then do pop over to my page. There are lots of photos of beads I've made over the last few years there. I can often remake designs so I'm happy to take custom orders. 

I've just started a showcase on one of the Facebook selling groups. You may not have come across these before but they have been going for a few years. You generally have to ask to join the groups. That way sellers and buyers who don't abide by the rules can be removed from groups. The ones I tend to use are showcase groups where one seller takes over a group page for one or two days listing beads as auctions, 'buy it now' or 'make to order'. I always update my page with details of my shows and will try to remember to post here as well from now on.