It's been a while since I posted here and a lot has changed since then. 

I put my house on the market back in May and despite a few hiccups along the way everything completed in August. I'm now living down in Cornwall on the North Coast, next door to my sister and her family. Uprooting and moving 100 miles or so wasn't an easy decision after more than 20 years in Somerset but I'm pleased to say it was definitely the right move. I love my new house and where I'm living, I've made some lovely new friends and I'm enjoying getting to see more of Cornwall. 

Inevitably there has been a bit of a break in bead production while I've got settled and taken some time out after all the stress of the moving process but I am back making now. My beads will be for sale either here or on some of the Facebook groups. Any showcases are announced here on my FB page